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Today is my birthday, yay!

Actually it’s tomorrow but since it’s bloody easter I had to make all my birthday stuff today cos tomorrow everyone’s busy.

So, today is my birthday, and one person at work, who knows about my hobby which are Haiku poems, gave a beautiful card with a Haiku poem on it.

That’s actually first time when I thought of a Haiku as a gift.

Anyone can just download a Haiku from internet and rewrite onto a card and give to someone, sure it’s cool, but not half as cool as writing a haiku YOURSELF or getting someone with experience on it and giving someone a custom, the only of a kind Haiku poem, anyone would appreciate that (Especially females, since they’re very feelings-orientated).

Who knows, maybe one day I’ll be selling Haiku, just have to figure out a system =P

Two of my new Haiku poems on an ending, remember, best way to learn how to write haiku and to get inspiration is reading them!

Green leaf,
Boiling water – a pond
Within a cup.
Kids near the window,
Ecstatic joy –
First snow have fallen.



I write haiku on occasions, I don’t force myself to it, I just like to catch a moment sometimes, catch it in that best way.

For me haiku poems are better than photos, photos lack the soul, anyone can take a photo, not everyone can write Haiku.

I usually just write haiku on a piece of paper and stick it into my pocket, because of that some of them get lost, but some reach the computer on the changed form and have a place on my hard drive. No pressure.


A rainy day indeed,
Can you predict the
Weather in England?


The seagulls sang
They flew in the sky;
Why’s my windscreen white?


The sound of the fan
The buzz of the harddrive –
My computer is still alive!


Ice outside and inside,
Red on my mothers top –
Father, stop hitting her.


By the way, don’t hesitate to ask questions about haiku, either by adding a comment here or contacting me through a form on my website :